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Welding Schools in Tennessee | TN

Welding is a career that many people do not consider. However, there are many areas of the country where welding is a growing field. There are a number of different industries that require good welders to perform jobs. Anyone that is wanting to become a welder one day needs to have the proper education requirements completed. In the state of Tennessee, there are many different options for people that want to go to welding school. Here are several things to keep in mind about this career path.

Requirements & Eligibility

One of the best things about this career track is that there are not a ton of education requirements. This profession is one where experience is much more important than degree credentials. Many people do go to a welding school, but simply getting a certificate is not a pathway to success. Most welding schools in Tennessee require that a person is a high school graduate and has a clean record. Anyone that fits those two broad criteria should consider enrolling in a school to get started in this process.

Application Process & Costs

The application process is one that should not be that difficult. Many schools today allow a person to apply online for their degree programs. As long as the school has an opening and requirements are met, there should be no problem with getting in to school. The cost of welding school is going to vary greatly depending on the location. There are some welding schools that are much more expensive than others for a variety of different reasons. Anyone that is paying out of pocket needs to make sure that they understand all of the costs involved. The good thing is that most certifications in this field are just a couple thousand dollars. With the salary potential of many welders, this represents a huge opportunity to make good money after graduation.

Online Programs

Although online education has grown greatly in recent years, this is one degree path where online education does not make a lot of sense. Welding is a profession that is hands on, and in order to truly learn the craft a student needs to be watching another person work. The best way to get better in this field is to simply practice on different sets of metal. Although online classes are good for getting some basic classes out of the way, they are not recommended for learning all about welding.

Maintaining Certification/License & Renewal

There are several different welding associations throughout the country that members can be a part of. There are also several continuing education certifications that can be earned by welders. With each level of certification, the difficulty of the testing gets greater. However, having these different courses under your belt can go a long way in making your practice seem more legitimate to those that may hire for your services. This field is a great combination of people skills and labor. Anyone that wants to succeed over the long term needs to be a good people person with a great work ethic.

Salary & Job Prospects

The amount of money that a welder will make in Tennessee is going to vary wildly. Many manual labor jobs see a huge range in earnings because it is all up to the skill of the person performing the work. Many people find that they can make great money on the side by simply going out and working for themselves. Others will work for a company that employs many people within the profession. No matter what you decide, just make sure it is what you truly want in a career.

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