Thursday, October 15, 2015

Welding Schools in New York | NY

It can be hard to for people to find good jobs in the modern economy, but people who have the right skills can still manage to do so. Many people are finding that the best way to get a stable job with a good income is to attend a trade school and learn a practical skill. Welding is a particularly popular choice, because it offers fairly high salaries and an easy time finding work. Prospective welders do need to put in the effort to learn the trade before they can go to work, but they can easily do so if they attend a reputable welding school.

Requirements & Eligibility

There are very few requirements that people need to meet before they can take welding classes. They need to be physically able to do the work and willing to learn, but no prior experience in the field or in any related field is necessary for people who want to learn to weld. Welders who want to be licensed in New York City must be at least 18 years old, but many programs will accept students who are younger so that they can prepare themselves for a welding career before they graduate from high school.

Application Process & Costs

People who want to take a welding course can choose from many different trade schools in New York, but most of them have similar costs and application procedures. Applicants need to fill out a form with their personal information and pay a tuition fee, which is usually a few thousand dollars. People who can prove financial difficulties can often get financial aid to help cover the cost of a welding course.

Online Programs

Online programs are available to teach the academic aspects of welding. While online courses cannot cover the hands-on aspects of the trade, they can help prepare students for other programs that do cover those aspects. Students must learn about welding safety before they can start to practice with real welding equipment, and an online course is perfect for preparing students to weld safely before they set foot in a classroom. Online course are also good for teaching students about the laws and regulations that govern the welding profession, and other professional skills that do not require hands-on training to master.

Maintaining Certification/License & Renewal

Welders need to be certified if they want to find a job in New York. Most welders are certified through the American Welding Society, which operates throughout the entire country, or through BOCES, which is local to New York. Most welding programs provide one of the certifications to their students at the end of the course. These certifications need to be renewed every six months, which only requires proof that the applicant has been working as a welder for the past six months. Welders who want to work in New York City need to get a special license, which requires them to have one of those certifications and to provide some personal information to the government of New York City.

Salary & Job Prospects

The average salary for a welder in New York is greater than the state’s average salary across all workers. New welders make an average of $29,030 dollars every year, while the average welder has a salary of $42,290. Welders have a very easy time finding work in New York, because there are far more jobs than there are qualified welders who can take them. Plenty of jobs are available both in New York City and in Upstate New York.

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