Thursday, October 15, 2015

Welding Schools in Minnesota | MN

For many young people, it can be difficult to determine what to do for a career. One career option that many people do not consider is welding. There are many benefits to having this as a career option. There are a lot of educational opportunities in Minnesota for people that want to pursue this area of interest. Not only are the job opportunities in Minnesota high, but the pay scale is quite high as well. Here are several things to keep in mind about this profession in the Minnesota area.

Requirements & Eligibility

Welding is a great profession to look in to because the educational requirements are not that stringent. There are many people that do this on the side just to earn extra money. If you are looking to work for a welding company it is important to have the proper certifications. One of the most common prerequisites for getting a license in this area is to have a high school diploma. After that, there is a basic test that must be passed to show that a person has the basic understanding required in this field.

Application Process & Costs

Another positive about this field is the fact that the application process and costs are quite low compared to other areas of interest for young people. It will generally cost less than $1,000 to purchase and take the certification tests that are required to get a license in the field. This is great news for anyone that does not have a lot of money but would like to get educated in this area. Minnesota even offers its in state students a nice discount on this fee if they choose to stay in the state. This is an initiative to get more people to stay in Minnesota and put money back in the local economy.

Online Programs

There are some online programs that can help with the welding classes. However, the vast majority of learning that a student will do on the subject will be hands on learning. It is important to work with a school that has a degree program where students can get a lot of learning done by practicing the actual art of welding. This is one of the biggest things to look at when choosing a place to go to school. At the end of the day, one of the most important parts of educating a person in this field is their ability to weld one day.

Maintaining Certification/License & Renewal

There are several different levels of licensing that a person can get in this field. As a general rule, the higher up that a person goes the more the pay increases. Many people find that in four to five years after school they can earn much more than if they had a college degree. Anyone that wants to increase their earning potential in the field should try and get as much education as possible. There are a lot of continuing education options in the state of Minnesota for those that are interested.

Salary & Job Prospects

There are many blue collar jobs in the state of Minnesota that are not being filled due to the lack of qualified workers. Anyone that wants to make a good living should consider getting a certification in this field. Not only are the job prospects solid, but the pay is quite good as well. On average, a welder can make around $45,000 a year in the first year after graduation. The salary range for welders varies wildly because there are so many different ways in which this skill can be applied.

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