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Welding Schools in Mesa, Arizona

The welding industry is a booming job market. As more and more young adults are graduating from traditional universities with four year degrees and realizing they are now out thousands of dollars with no job prospects, technical institutions are becoming more appealing. Skilled trades are always in high demand with a constant job security. The United States is always building something new that requires the skills of an experienced welder, from railroads to pipelines.

List of Welding Programs in Mesa, AZ

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  • Refrigeration Technologies
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Requirements and Eligibility

Most welding programs require their students to be 18 and able-bodied. While there are a few programs throughout the country that allow high school students the opportunity to learn welding skills before they turn 18. A high school diploma or GED is required to get into the program. Because of the rigorous physical requirements that come along with being a welder, students will most likely be required to be on their feet for hours at a time, lifting heavy objects, and working in extreme temperatures.

Application Process and Costs

Prospective students should fill out an application on the program’s website and follow up with an academic advisor. It will be in the student’s best interest to fill out a FAFSA to aid in paying for the costs. Once someone is accepted to a program, they will enroll in the proper courses to complete their certificate and/or degree, depending on the educational path they choose to pursue. Earning your certificate or degree in welding usually costs a few thousand dollars, although it differs from college to college.

Online programs

Currently there are no online programs for welding technology in Mesa, Arizona. This is largely due to the fact that this is a hands-on course and career. A large part of the student’s curriculum is going to be in experiencing, first hand, the processes and procedures of welding. Although this option may be available to students in the future, for now, a more traditional classroom approach is available.

Maintaining certification/license and renewal

Students will obtain several certifications for different welding processes and positions. Typically welders are required to keep up these certifications to continue work as a certified skilled tradesmen. The period for certification renewal is usually 6 months, although it may differ from state to state and employer to employer. Job sites will keep up on their welders’ certifications by utilizing the employee’s work as proof that they are still capable of meeting the certification requirements. This makes it easy on the tradesman to keep all proper certifications without having to go back to school or fill out multiple forms.

Salary and Job Prospects

There will always be a job market for the skilled trades in America and abroad. This allows for the welding program graduate to choose where he or she will end up in their career journey. From welding shops around town to traveling welding jobs, students have a myriad of options upon completion of their training and education. Starting wages can be anywhere from twelve dollars an hour to upwards of thirty dollars an hour depending on the worker’s experience level and certification. Traveling welders tend to make more, although time on the road can be difficult for welders with families. When traveling however, welders earn a salary as well as a per diem to cover the costs of hotels, food, and travel. Benefits are also a big deciding factor for prospective employees when choosing their career path.

Choosing to become a welder is a big step for anyone, but it can turn into a very prosperous and fulfilling career when students choose a well respected program to attend.

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