Monday, October 19, 2015

Welding Schools in Colorado | CO

There are many reasons why welding is a growing industry in the state of Colorado. Not only are welding schools seeing an increase in enrollment, but welders that are graduating from degree programs have a lot of options for work. In addition, there are many people starting their own welding business in an attempt to increase their earning potential. Here are several things to remember about welding schools in Colorado and why this may be the career for you.

Requirements & Eligibility

There are not a lot of major requirements to take the welding exam. The welding exam is not one that is done on a computer or a piece of paper. Most welding exams are done by the student under the supervision of a person that is certified in the field. Before taking the welding exam, it is important that the student puts some time in to practicing his or her craft. Many people do not pass the welding exam on the first pass through, and they end up having to pay to retake the test again. If you are considering going to welding school in Colorado, be sure to put some time in to practicing different welding methods in different situations.

Application Process & Costs

Due to the high need of welders in Colorado, the welding application process has been made much simpler. There are many people that want to go in to the profession, and for just under $1,000 a student can apply for and take the welding certification exam. With all of the career opportunities that are present for people in this field, it is no wonder that so many students are starting to take an interest in welding.

Online Programs

When many people think of online programs in Colorado, welding is not something that comes to mind. However, students in this field can get a lot of their basic classes out of the way that they need in order to take the welding exam. Online classes offer a lot of flexibility to students that are working and going to school at the same time. The actual welding exam must be taken in person, but everything leading up to the exam can be taken online through various different colleges in the state of Colorado.

Maintaining Certification/License & Renewal

There are several different licenses that welders can get in the state of Colorado. To continue to be certified in this field, there are couple of things that a person must do. First of all, they must attend several continuing education courses a year. Most of these can be completed in just a couple of hours a month. At the end of the day, this is a very small investment of time in order to keep your credentials up to date.

Salary & Job Prospects

One of the biggest reasons that many people are attracted to the welding industry is the salary and benefits. There are few degree paths that allow students the job opportunities and salary after graduation for such a little investment of time and money. However, it is important that students take their craft seriously. The reputation of a welder is one of the most important pieces in their career success, and people that try to cut corners are not going to have long term success. There are many people in the field of welding that earn over $50,000 a year in Colorado, which is a very good salary considering the cost of living in the state. Always remember to put in the time to perfecting the craft of welding on the front end and the results will follow.

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